EFS SOCIAL / ETHICAL Recognition seeks to inform the consumer that the company has within its philosophy values as caring, respect and collaboration with social causes and fair trade, mainly; regardless if their raw material is entirely ecofriendly. The codes of conduct that EFS recognizes in this category are:

  • Defense of fair wages; human rights and labor conditions.
  • Collaboration with various social projects, working with minorities or vulnerable groups.
  • Monitoring and promotion of ancestral skills and elaboration technics, unique of each culture.
  • Development and promotion of informative and educational resources on ethical and sustainable fashion.
  • Support responsible consumption models (“buy less, demand and seek higher quality”) and avoid using misleading and harmful patterns of consumption.
  • Protection of animal rights.
  • Plans distribution channels designed to reduce packaging and other wraps.

Want to BE EFS?

To apply for the Recognition Program EFS SOCIAL / ETHICAL is necessary for the company or product to subscribe, to sustain at least 4 of the 7 Codes of Conduct.

Complete and submit Form – Questionnaire Be EFS Official. EFS will contact you after receiving your application to continue the evaluation and recognition process.

The recognition is valid for 1 year from registration.