EFS GREEN / ECO Recognition seeks to inform the consumer that the company has as a fundamental part of its philosophy the values of caring, respect and protection of the environment through their production and marketing policies. The codes of conduct that EFS recognizes in this category are:

  • Use of clean technologies, recycling techniques and energy and water use efficiency and waste disposal.
  • The use and/or development of ecologic/organic and intelligent tissues and other components.
  • The use and application of technology and innovation in textile engineering designed to solve resources efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful substances to the environment and living things.
  • Plans distribution channels designed to reduce packaging and other wraps.
  • Protection of animal rights.


To apply for the Recognition Program EFS GREEN/ECO is necessary for the company or product to subscribe, to sustain at least 4 of the 6 Codes of Conduct.

Complete and submit Form – Questionnaire Be EFS Official. EFS will contact you after receiving your application to continue the evaluation and recognition process.

The recognition is valid for 1 year from registration.