Although there is no formula for sustainability, there are certain principles agreed to achieve the paradigm shift in terms of manufacturing, consumption and post-consumption products from the fashion industry and textiles. The Recognition Program Be-EFS Official represents a series of agreements and manifestations – codes of conduct – leading to a project, brand or product to be named ethical, eco-friendly and overall sustainable.

Be-EFS Official consists of three schemes: EFS SOCIAL / ETHICAL, EFS ECO / GREEN and EFS E + A / SUSTAINABLE, which function as a membership that supports diverse social-cultural, environmental and economic-collaborative criteria, which together they support a state of sustainable management for companies in the textile, fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.

Be-EFS Official while promotes and recognizes through a distinctive according to the current state of sustainable management of applicants, supports designers, producers, suppliers and anyone who is involved in the supply chain to establish itself as an ethical and sustainable company through its other possible participation schemes Be-EFS Think Tank and the Collective Cooperation System (Crowdfunding).

Program Benefits be-EFS

In addition to obtain the distinctive that recognize you as an ethical-sustainable fashion, beauty and/or lifestyle company / product and appear in our EFS List, this recognition will facilitate the transparency between your company and the consumer, as well the information flow on the management and content of the service or product; increasing sales opportunities for your products.

You will achieve more exposure through notes and interviews in our E-magazine and YouTube channel, social networks and the opportunity to be a part of our events and projects.

Get special prices on specific services (announced) as well access to exclusive EFS events or third parties (with agreement).

Be part of the most integral platform of products and services of ethical – sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Mexico, with international positioning.

To qualify for the Recognition Program Be-EFS Official turn to the requirements according to your business profile.


Safeguarding the environment and natural resources


The use and/or development of ecologic/organic and intelligent tissues and other components.


Defense of fair wages; human rights and labor conditions.


Distribution channels designed to reduce packaging and other wraps.


Use of clean technologies, recycling techniques and energy and water use efficiency and waste disposal.


The use and application of technology and innovation in textile engineering designed to solve resources efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


Reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful substances to the environment and living things.


Collaboration with various social projects, working with minorities or vulnerable groups.